Wavesine Nomad HMD

Introducing a patent pending, ergonomically designed, comfortable, shareable wireless virtual reality headset.

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Light and Comfortable

This HMD is ergonomically designed to be light-weight, well-balanced and requires minimum touch points to be worn on one's head.

Shareable and Hygienic

This HMD is designed to be easy to keep clean and effortless to put on and take off. It can be safely shared by many users.

Modular Designed & Adjustable

This HMD is intelligently designed to have many modular parts which allows the headset to be adjustable, tiltable and detachable. It can be worn by audiences with and without glasses.

Wireless and Ready to be Used in Motion Capture Environments

This HMD is wireless and its integrated self-illuminating motion tracking marker system allows it to be tracked by commercial infrared motion capture cameras such as Optitrack’s Flex and Prime systems in real world environments.